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On the Register at last!

I got some of the best news of my life today in the middle of a hike with my family in Canyonlands National Park! After passing the Orals in January and waiting on clearances all spring, I found out I have been added to the public diplomacy register as number 5 out of 100 candidates. 

We’re on a family vacation to the western US national parks and I have had less opportunity and Internet access to obsess over FS related things. I’ve been calling diplomatic security about every 1.5 weeks, and every time they told me my case was still in investigations. I had prepared myself for several more months of waiting to be cleared. 

This time things happened quickly yet again- I have had a clearance since June 3rd, passed final suitability sometime after, and was added to the register on June 8th! Interestingly, they don’t really notify you at all about this except for a physical letter in the mail- I would’ve had to wait until we got home from the trip to find out if I hadn’t emailed HR first.

Now that I’m on the register, I am able to be offered an invitation to the next A-100 orientation class in DC. If hiring for this year continues as planned, I’ll be moving to DC for the September 8 orientation!! I’m entirely too excited right now that this dream career I’ve had for so long is really happening.