About Me

Hi there! I am a recent graduate of Rice University in Houston, Texas now working as a diplomat in the Foreign Service. This blog chronicles my adventures working abroad as a public diplomacy officer for the Department of State.

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3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. travelingcat22

    Thank you for following Culture Shock. I hope you get your security clearance soon. I am in the process of re-validating mine. If you are like me and love to travel, start an Excel spread sheet and log every trip outside the U.S. It will come very handy when you need to fill or update your e-Qip!

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  2. Helen

    Hi! I am also a Rice Grad (JIBA!) and a former Peace Corps volunteer, and I will take my oral assessment in two months! I have been enjoying reading your blog. I also speak German! Please continue writing about your journey.


    1. diplomatin19 Post author

      hi Helen, nice to meet you! That’s so great, good luck on your FSOA! That was maybe the most nerve wracking day of my life, but at least they tell you the results right away. I know at least one other Jones alum in the Foreign Service too 🙂 Your blog is so great as well!



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