Quick Career Update

There have been some major developments on the Foreign Service front. While I was about to go to bed here in Thailand last night, I noticed on the Yahoo A-100 group that some people reported offers for the January 11 orientation class!! 

On November 24th State received hiring authority for January, much much earlier than the December 8-11 I had anticipated. I wondered if my life was about to change dramatically. (Spoiler alert: I still don’t know yet if I’m getting an offer)

In what would be the biggest mistake ever, I stayed up until 3:30 AM here (afternoon in DC..) to see if public diplomacy offers would go out. They did not, and still have not. While ecstatic consular, management, and some political coned candidates are celebrating, I’m still waiting. The time difference of night and day between us is not working well for someone as obsessed as me.

According to the official forums, offers for all 5 cones including PD and Econ will go out next week too. After Thanksgiving break! I am not super excited to be waiting until next week to find out my fate. But it’s a lot sooner than I had thought!

People as high as #22 and #24 were offered invitations though. That may bode well for a sizable January class! I am super hopeful that I will be called at #11 for PD. We’ll see in the next week!

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