Post-FSOA Update: Medically Cleared for Worldwide Availability!

The past few months since passing the Orals have been a bit of an exciting and yet stressful blur. I had that lovely interlude where I traveled to Doha, but after that have been right back in getting all the tasks accomplished so that I can end up on the Public Diplomacy register soon.

Screenshot 2015-04-07 16.26.28

Today I got the best news in a while: I have been officially medically cleared!! I now have a Class 1 medical clearance, which basically means I am “worldwide available” in line with the Foreign Service condition of being able to serve in any consulate or embassy in even the least developed circumstances. I’m super relieved that the medical process is over. Now it’s down to waiting for a Top Secret security clearance and Final Suitability Review..

3 thoughts on “Post-FSOA Update: Medically Cleared for Worldwide Availability!

  1. travelgal81

    Good luck on your security clearance! I was recently invited to the May training class. I saw you live in Texas. I am also an RPCV and Fulbright alumn. Seems we make good candidates for Foreign service! Hope to see you in D.C. soon!

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    1. bsatterfield1993 Post author

      Thanks! I’m hoping it goes quickly from here, I’m still waiting to hear from an investigator. Congrats on your offer for the May class! I’m jealous of how fast your process went, I took the Orals in January too! I actually still have to graduate college this May so I’m hoping to be cleared in time for the June or September classes 🙂 In case my clearance takes a year I’m also looking into the Peace Corps, but the FS is clearly my first choice!


  2. travelgal81

    I was interviewed in February and got cleared almost exactly a month later, so have hope! I was only on the register for 2 days. It went a lot faster than I was prepared for, actually. I’d thought the clearance would take 6 months or more and had already made a bunch of plans to travel this summer. Oh well, this is much better!



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